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About Clecam Ejo-Heza Ltd

CLECAM EJO-HEZA Ltd is a Microfinance institution created in 2007 although it has a long history before this date because it resulted from the merging of two other microfinance institutions namely CLECAM and EJOHEZA. All these institutions have been created by farmers as their financial arms.
A survey conducted by ICCO/AMREP in 2004 revealed that the two microfinance institutions (CLECAM and EJOHEZA) were serving the same target population, the same products in the same operational zone and the survey recommended these MFIs to merge up and form one strong and sustainable MFI.
After debate and in collaboration with INGABO Syndicate and UGAMA CSC, the two microfinance institutions merged up and formed CLECAM-EJOHEZA (Coopérative Locale d’Epargne et Crédit Agricole Mutuelle) on January 31st, 2007. At that date, five cooperatives were created under this same name of CLECAM-EJOHEZA namely CLECAM-EJOHEZA Muhanga, CLECAM-EJOHEZA Ruhango, CLECAM-EJOHEZA Kabagali, CLECAM-EJOHEZA Kamonyi and CLECAM-EJOHEZA Ndiza with their union UNICLECAM-EJOHEZA.
It is in the year 2015 that these cooperatives along with their union took decision to merge up again and transform into a company limited for them to become a Microfinance institution in the name of CLECAM-EJOHEZA Ltd located in Muhanga district, in southern province of Rwanda.
From then, CLECAM EJO HEZA Ltd has been providing financial and non-financial services to the farmers of its operational zone and while still maintaining the spirit of member participation. The new registration gave the organization more room to expand and grow its client base and to provide a greater range of services to its clients. For the time being our clients can perform deposits as well as withdrawals everywhere in every branch or sub-branch of CLECAM-EJOHEZA Ltd, reports are produced automatically, the branches monitoring is very easy and we are preparing to introduce mobile payments in the near future.
"CLECAM EJOHEZA LTD" is an institution that has a prosperous future, considering its philosophy and its origin.
Its present state gives us the hope of a better future for the institution because of the institutional organs, conscientious and interested partners to the good working of the business. (Member of the board of directors competent, team of qualified and competent staffs, all branches being computerized with a software that facilitates the management and the rapporting, existence of the potential clientele, the shareholders with a high appropriation level and the government of Rwanda encouraging and sustaining MFIs in their noble mission of poverty eradication).

Currently, CLECAM-EJOHEZA Ltd has ten service points within five branches as shown below:

  • In MUHANGA District we have three service points: MUHANGA Branch, MUSHISHIRO Sub/Branch and NDIZA Branch;
  • In RUHANGO District we have four service point: RUHANGO Branch, KABAGALI Branch, NTENYO Sub/Branch and CYABAKAMYI Sub/Branch;
  • In KAMONYI District we have three service points: KAMONYI Branch, KAYENZI Sub/Branch and RUYUMBA Sub/Branch.