Institution History


CLECAM-EJOHEZA PLC is a Microfinance institution created in 2007. However, its origins trace back to a long history before this date. It was formed through the merging of two other microfinance institutions: CLECAM and EJOHEZA. Both CLECAM and EJOHEZA were established by farmers as their financial institutions arms.

These two microfinance institutions merged up and formed CLECAM-EJOHEZA (Coopérative Locale d’Epargne et Crédit Agricole Mutuelle) on January 31st, 2007. At that date, eleven cooperatives were created under this same name of CLECAM-EJOHEZA

As recommendation of BNR, in 2011, these eleven cooperatives were combined into five cooperatives namely CLECAM-EJOHEZA Muhanga, CLECAM-EJOHEZA Ruhango, CLECAM-EJOHEZA Kabagali, CLECAM-EJOHEZA Kamonyi and CLECAM-EJOHEZA Ndiza with their union UNICLECAM-EJOHEZA. It is in the year 2015 that these cooperatives along with their union took decision to merge up again and transform into a company for them to become a Microfinance institution in the name of CLECAM-EJOHEZA PLC headquoter located in Muhanga District, in Southern province of Rwanda. From then, CLECAM EJO HEZA plc has been providing financial and non-financial services to the farmers and other Clients. Currently, the clients of CLECAM EJOHEZA PLC can perform deposits,withdrawwals as well as requesting a loan everywhere in every branch or sub-branch.additionally, the clients can perform the cash deposit and withdraw thought mobile banking system by using their phones and in the near future.