With Clecam Ejoheza, your dreams come reality.

Everyone has his  own dream house and it is normally hard to find that dream house built by someone else and ready for outright purchase. With our construction mortgage product, you get to build your house as you imagined it in your dreams


Featured Benefits

  • Build your house as per your dream
  • The land is your personal contribution


Application Criteria

  • Applicants fill out a form at any of our branches
  • Return the filled form and other attachments to the branch for processing
  • Successful applicants are contacted to review offer letters and sign contracts


Eligibility Requirement

  • Application letter
  • Completed application form
  • Employment contract (probation duration completed)
  • Employer certificate/Salary assignment
  • Valid Identification documents
  • Spouse ID copy if married
  • Marriage/celibacy/divorced certificates

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