Loan made to cater everything you need in life

Consumer loan is designed to cater for a wide range of personal borrowing needs including: education fees, wedding loan,event loan and other family needs 

Features and Benefits

  • No additional security is required
  • Credit scoring techniques applied
  • It is based on regular monthly income i.e. salary, rental, pension
  • Loans are of shorter duration
  • Customer can use the monies for whatever purpose they wish.
  • 4/5 working days processing period
  • Payment period up to a maximum of 5 years


      The requirements for individual customers for vehicle loans are


  • Completed Loan Application Form
  • Pay slips for the last 3 months(1 current pay slip for top ups)
  • Copy of valid identification documents (National ID for citizens, Passport for non-citizen)
  • Marriage certificate/ Celibacy certificate/Divorce certificate
  • Proof of your contribution by 20%
  • For loan takeover from other Financial Institution
    1. Certificate of indebtedness or Loan Certficate
    2. Bank statement for the last 3 month
  • For married customers:
    1. Copy of spouse’s National ID/Passport
    2. Upon approval of the loan, the client and his/her spouse co-sign the loan agreement; unless the marriage is under separation of property regime.
  • Employment contract(probation period completed)/ Appointment Letter
  • Salary assignment/Employer certificate confirming the account to which the salary is paid.
    1. Provisional sale agreement
    2. Proforma invoice
  • Valuation report + Photos
  • Copy of the land document

         Consumer Products

  • School fees loan : This is for parents/guardians who wish to finance the educational requirements of their young ones. It is also suitable for those employed who desire to pursue the education of their choice.
  • Wedding Loan : That day is a lifetime memory and it is worth financing it. If you are short of funds to make it exceptional, we are behind your back to make your day a success you wished.


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